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This is us

We are a packaging and assembly service provider with extensive machine and personnel capacities.

Every day we solve for and with our customers questions concerning packaging services – from simple manual activities such as reworking or to taking over the complete value chain.

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Your packaging and assembly service provider

Through our core competence – packaging – we enable you to optimize process costs and focus on your core competences.

In addition to the advantage of an almost complete variability of the packaging process chain, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio including the corresponding assembly activities.

We are also very flexible when it comes to sustainability and can use sustainable, self-decomposing films at short notice at the customer’s request!

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Our services

Packaging service

Through our core competence – the packaging service – we enable you to optimize process costs and focus on your core competencies.

Returns management

We process customer complaints for you, return your remaining stock and take care of your outer packaging.

Industrial services

Do not miss out on new customers and sales channels with our help. We help you to serve your customer wishes!

System partnership

Are flexibility, speed and precision an absolute must for you? Then we are the right partner for you!

Packaging types

Packaging Multipac Blister
We can blister pack everything for you, from simple, cost-effective blisters to high-quality, innovative solutions. Large or small, heavy or light, solid or fragile – we have the right solution for you!br>Of course, we can also use sustainable materials at short notice and on customer request.

The competences include: Collapsible blisters, Composite blisters, HF Full PET blisters

We accompany our customers in all services as a professional partner throughout the entire process. This ranges from packaging design, material selection, tool planning and production to the dispatch of the finished packaged product to the customer.

Due to our technical capacities we are able to produce for you at short notice with sustainable, self-decomposing materials!

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Packaging Multipac Seasonal
Display packaging and seasonal promotions are becoming more and more important in the retail trade and their importance is growing steadily. The challenge here is not to bring the often highly standardized business processes to a standstill by such promotions.


With well over 100,000 displays equipped every year, we are your partner who, through specialisation, can provide you with cost-effective and efficient professional service to meet precisely this short-term, very high demand – so that you can successfully serve your customers.

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Final Packaging Multipac
Your products or promotional items need to be quickly packed, repackaged or, for example, provided with a new label, from small quantities to large volumes?

We have the resources and capacities to make this flexible for you – from material procurement to your end customer!

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Your customers expect their product in different trays, packaging units or sizes?

Due to our capacities it is possible for us to package your products in a cost-efficient manner as your customer wishes.

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Packaging Multipac Assembling
You want to put together customer-specific sets consisting of different products?

This type of product marketing is growing rapidly and customers expect flexible adaptations. Often these activities fall outside the classical standardized processes and cause disproportionate costs.

Due to our experience and specialization on these requirements, we are your partner to meet exactly these issues efficiently!

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Packaging Multipac Shrinking
We shrink technically simple products up to high-quality products of any size in small and large quantities and enable individual and variable solutions.

A special feature is that we can also shrink larger parts with dimensions up to 1,500 mm x 800 mm x 400 mm thickness on our machines. The smallest parts are possible up to a minimum size of 20mm x 30mm x 10mm thickness.

The advantage of shrinking is that there are no tool costs and even very small quantities can be shrunk without any problems with a short lead time of a few days.

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Ehrungen: 300 Jahre MultiPac

Ehrungen: 300 Jahre MultiPac

Es ist ein Zeichen von Vertrauen und Kontinuität, wenn eine Firma ein Jubiläum feiert. Bei uns wurden 20 Jubilare für ihre langjährige Betriebszugehörigkeit geehrt.

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How can we help you?

Simple packaging, complex products or open questions about a system partnership?

Would you like to receive further information or do you have a technical question about packaging and assembly for which you need competent advice?

Write to us or give us a call. We are happy to help you and are personally available for you all around the topic of packaging and assembly!

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