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Blister Packaging


Blister Packaging

We can blister pack everything for you: from simple, cost-effective blisters to high-quality, innovative solutions. Large or small, heavy or light, solid or fragile – we have the right solution for you! Of course, we can also use sustainable materials at short notice and on customer request.

Our competences include:

Folding blister

Combine high-quality, protective packaging and pure recycling. This packaging method is ideal for e.g. branded products that are to be marketed qualitatively and sustainably within the standard dimensions.

The fields of application are very versatile. The examples here range from writing materials to cosmetic products and LED lights.

Composite blister

Are the cost-effective alternative for large-volume articles

HF Full PET Blister

Ideal for visible products like tools or spare parts. Technically, we cover all variants from easy-open technology to completely welded.

We accompany our customers with all services as a professional partner throughout the entire process. This ranges from packaging design, material selection, tool planning and production to the dispatch of the finished packaged product to the customer.

Due to our technical capacities we are able to produce for you at short notice with sustainable, self-decomposing materials!

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